"Thug Kitchen": Latest Iteration of Digital Blackface

What the fuck? Turns out Thug Kitchen “is run by two WASPy white people from California, Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway, whom Epicurious refers to as ‘masterminds.’

The tone has led many people to deride the “Thugs,” as Davis and Holloway wish to be called, as “deceptive” and “a lot like the latest iteration of nouveau blackface.” Others criticized the title of Thug Kitchen for its use of the word thug, something that has been deemed a code word—that is, a “polite way to say ‘nigger’ in mixed company.” […] One thing is clear: For the upwardly mobile white Angelinos behind Thug Kitchen, the word thug is ironic and funny, a bit of culturally exploratory fun. But for men like Sherman and Pegues, it’s a putdown meant to demonize and dehumanize.
(Via VICE)